Features & Benefits

Easy to clean

  Gentle product handling

Contain few cavities reduces the risk of bacterial growth 

Suitable for the transport of sensitive fluids


Food and Beverages, Pharmaceutical,
Chemical, Cosmetics,
Pulp & paper



Rotary Lobe Pumps

The original design of the rotary lobe pump goes back to the early 30’s and has since then been further developed and improved.

Rotary lobe pumps are easy to clean and have gentle product handling characteristics. They contain few cavities, which reduces the risk of bacterial growth and makes them particularly suitable for the transport of sensitive fluids – from glue to whole strawberries.

Tapflo offers two models of rotary lobe pumps:
TopLobe is a tri-lobe rotor pump, which is designed to handle most applications in today’s processing industries.
is a heavy duty bi-winged rotor pump desinged for the most demanding applications, with optimal efficiency, but without any compromise when it comes to hygiene.


TopLobe (right) and TopWing (left)